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Stade’s Farm offers a wide variety of Non-GMO fruits and vegetables, from farm to table.

Since the first vegetables were planted in 1989, our garden has grown significantly! Stade’s Farm & Market now grows about 120 acres of fruits and vegetables. The largest portion of acreage goes to our famous sweet corn. We grow 50 acres of the best tasting varieties available. We plant 12 times each season beginning early April and ending in late July (each approximately 10 days apart). This ensures a continuous supply of fresh sweet corn until first frost which is usually mid-October. Pumpkins take up another 35 acres of our land. We grow all sizes and shapes of pumpkins for u-pick at our Shades of Autumn Festival and for purchase in our farm markets. Strawberries are another main crop at Stade’s. We have 14 acres of strawberries for u-pick and plenty for sale in our farm market.

Following is a list of crops we grow in chronological order as to when they are available to our customers:


  • Asparagus—late May – June
  • Strawberries & Snap Peas (pick-your-own and pre-picked)—mid-June through early July. First-come, first-served in the market. They can sell out.
  • Raspberries—early July through first frost (pick-your-own and pre-picked)
  • Broccoli & Zucchini—early July through first frost
  • Sweet Corn—mid-July through first frost
  • Cucumbers, Pickles & Green Beans—mid-July through first frost
  • Beets & Kohlrabi—mid-July into December
  • Potatoes & Onions—mid-July into December
  • Peppers—mid-July through first frost
  • Cabbage & Cauliflower—late July through first frost
  • Tomatoes—early August through early November (pick-your-own and pre-picked)
  • Cantaloupe—mid-August through late September
  • Winter Squash—early September into December
  • Pumpkins & Gourds—mid-September into December (pick-your-own and pre-picked)
  • Fall Decorations (Corn Stalks, Indian Corn, Broom Corn, Straw Bales, etc.—early September into December
  • Apple Orchard – late Summer through early Fall-opening Aug. 31st.

Unlike supermarket produce which probably has been picked prematurely and then transported for days, ours is picked at its prime and available to you that same day. The freshest fruits and vegetables are the tastiest and most nutritious. That’s what farmers markets are all about!

Stade’s Farm Market Cookbook

While you’re purchasing your fresh produce, why not pick up a copy of our cookbook? The recipes were collected and put together by our market manager, Gayle Stade, using our farm-fresh vegetables. The cookbook is available in our Farm Market for $6.

Helpful Hints & Tips for Storing & Freezing

For helpful hints about storing and freezing, pickling and preserving, and more, visit the Storing and Freezing website. Storing and Freezing is written by a panel of experts with an interest in eating seasonally and preserving at home. They’re continuously adding articles about things like jam-making, pickling, canning, blanching, and freezing. Thrifty storage starts with planning: so whether you’re buying from Stade’s Farm & Market or growing in your back garden, they tell you what to choose and how to treat it.

All About Home Canning and Making Jams & Jellies

Save money, eat healthier, with no additives or chemicals… and with much better taste! The home canning page at provides links to illustrated recipes and canning directions – so easy ANYONE can do it, along with a multitude of other recipes, guides, and canning instructions from the USDA and many universities. Look for new recipes, pages, and directions for all those veggies from Stade’s Farm & Market!

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