Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties at the Farm

Stade’s Farm does not offer birthday party packages, but we encourage you to have a party at the farm.  Birthday parties are only available during our Shades of Autumn Fall Festival.

If your intention is to have a birthday party at the farm this year, we welcome you to do that! We have a large “circus-style” tent (the tent has plenty of space for several parties at the same time) that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask that you are considerate if you use our party tent.  Please only occupy the space for a maximum of two to three hours so that other guests may enjoy the party tent as well. In addition to the tent, we have plenty of picnic tables scattered around our grounds that you are welcome to set up and gather your party group at one or more of those tables. These tables are on a first-come, first-served basis as well.

Please keep in mind that ALL children 15 years and younger must have adult supervision at all times while in our Farmtraction Theme Park and while visiting the farm or the pumpkin patch. A wristband must be purchased for everyone who is going into the theme park, even if they are “only watching” the children. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our pavilion, which is located directly across from the food vendors, will NOT be available for your birthday party. The pavilion is reserved for guests who are eating snacks and lunch etc. throughout the day (not for longer-term party use). Regular prices for admission to Stade’s Farmtractions apply.