Farmtractions (Rides)

Welcome to Stade’s Farmtractions Theme Park


Stade’s Farm and Market has become a cherished family destination, welcoming thousands of visitors every year. From its humble beginnings of growing feed crops, the Stade Farm has evolved into a popular agri-tourism destination. Each year, new and exciting attractions are added to the many activities available for your family to enjoy. We warmly welcome you to the farm and know that your time with us will indeed be filled with lasting and genuine memories.Please note that all below listed attractions may not be available at the time of your visit. In 2015 our new attractions were our Menagerie Carousel, Stade’s Farm Express Train, and Trikes for Tykes. All below attractions marked with a fall pumpkin Pumpkin indicate attractions that are only available during our Shades of Autumn Fall Festivalnot during our strawberry season. Our Farmtraction Theme Park will reopen June 11, 2016. When our strawberry U-Pick season ends we close the Farmtraction Theme Park and we will reopen on Saturday, September 10th, 2016. Our fall festival will remain open on the weekends through the end of October. Thank You~ We make it easy for you to create family memories!

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Our Family-Friendly Attractions Include …